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Optimization of axial load carrying capacity of CFST stub columns

Celal Çakıroğlu, Gebrail Bekdaş



Concrete filled steel tubular (CFST) columns are widely used due to their enhanced mechanical properties. The interaction between the concrete core and the steel casing increases structural stability and magnifies the compressive strength of concrete. Besides the structural performance, in alignment with the commitment of the concrete industry to reduce its environmental impact, lowering the carbon emissions caused by the production of concrete structures is gaining importance in recent years. The current paper gives an overview of the equations available in the literature that predict the axial load carrying capacity of rectangular CFST columns. A modified version of the Jaya metaheuristic algorithm is being proposed and the outcome of this algorithm is being presented. The algorithm is used in order to maximize the axial load-carrying capacity of a stub column. As an optimization constraint the CO2 emission associated with the production of the CFST column is being kept below a predefined level throughout the optimization process. The optimization process as well as the cross-sectional dimensions associated with the optimum solution are presented.


metaheuristic; optimization; CFST; columns; axial load carrying capacity

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