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Shear strain related non-linear stochastic dynamic analysis of rock-fill dams

Kemal Hacıefendioğlu, Mehmet Akköse, Alemdar Bayraktar, Ali Aydın Dumanoğlu



The effect of the non-linear material behavior of a rock-fill dam subjected to random loads is investigated by the equivalent linear method that considers the non-linear variation of soil shear moduli and damping ratios as a function of shear strain. The Keban dam constructed in Elazığ, Turkey is chosen as a numerical example. The interaction of the rock-fill dam with the reservoir is neglected, but not the foundation rock. The properties of the dam materials were taken from the dam project and assumed to be isotropic in the analysis. A stationary and ergodicity assumption are made for stochastic dynamic analysis. The E-W component of the Erzincan earthquake recorded on March 13, 1992, Erzincan, Turkey is chosen as a ground motion since it occurred nearby the dam site. The component considered is applied to the dam in the horizontal direction. The non-linear stochastic responses of the Keban dam are compared to its linear stochastic and deterministic response.


rock-fill dam; stochastic response; non-linear analysis; equivalent linear method

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