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The assessment of soil depth sensitivity to dynamic behavior of the Euler-Bernoulli beam under accelerated moving load

Amin Ghannadiasl, Hasan Rezaei Dolagh



Dynamic behavior is one of the most crucial characters in the railways structures. One of the items which leads to precise identification of the dynamic behavior of railways is the soil depth beneath them. In this paper, an Euler-Bernoulli beam on a finite depth foundation under accelerated moving load is presented. The dynamic equilibrium in the vertical direction is only regarded in accordance with the factor of finite beams. In this study, the dynamic equilibrium of the soil in the vertical direction and the sensitivity of soil depth are considered. The governing equations are simulated by using Fourier transform method. Eventually, by considering the sequences of shear waves, and different kinds of damping, displacement of the beam is obtained for the various acceleration, times and soil depth. As a result, it is shown that, higher acceleration is not dramatically effective on the beam displacement. Also, foundation inertia causes a significant reduction in critical velocity and can augment the beam response.


Euler-Bernoulli beam; accelerated moving load; soil depth; railway structure

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