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Investigation of influence of concrete material models on cyclic inelastic response of a concrete filled composite plate shear wall

Erkan Polat



A previously benchmarked finite element model of a previously tested composite plate shear wall-concrete filled (C-PSW/CF) was used to investigate the influence of three concrete material models on in-plane cyclic inelastic wall response, using LS-Dyna. The concrete material models considered were the Winfrith, KCC and CSCM, all available in LS-Dyna. Wall moment hysteresis, using the three concrete material models, were obtained and compared. Individual contribution of the steel and concrete to total base moment was investigated for each wall with the three concrete material models. The numerical results obtained using the KCC and CSCM were compared against the benchmarked results obtained using the Winfrith concrete material model. Moment contribution of the steel web and the steel boundary on total base moment of the steel part of the wall and moment contribution of the concrete web and concrete boundary on total base moment of the concrete part of the wall were individually investigated. The wall models with the KCC and CSCM concrete models were observed to cannot capture wall pinching which was captured by the Winfrith concrete model. The wall strength was overpredicted by the CSCM concrete model and predicted reasonably by the KCC concrete model. Average axial stress distribution of the infill concrete was obtained to investigate wall neutral axis and the maximum attained concrete strength using the three concrete models. Concrete axial stress distribution showed some level of confinement for the concrete models considered.


concrete filled composite plate shear wall; cyclic response; finite element analysis; LS-Dyna

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