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Saeed Ahmed Alsheikh


Providing an opening in beam develops cracks around the opening due to stress concentration. In this paper an experimental works conducted to study the behavior of RC beam with different shapes of opening with varying diameters at different locations. This paper presents the behavior of RC beam with opening unstrengthened by additional reinforcement. In this experimental study 27 beams were casted, one beam without opening as a control beam and the remaining beams were provided with opening. These beams were tested under four-point loading. The effect of size of opening with different locations was studied in terms of ultimate failure load, maximum deflection and failure mode. From the test results, it could be concluded that the ultimate load carrying capacity of the RC beam at shear zone with opening was maximum reduction but at flexure zone showed minimum reduction. Rectangular opening increased the ultimate load reduction than square opening by (4%), while the circular opening reduced the ultimate load reduction than square opening by (8%).


rc beams; web opening effect; shear and flexural behavior; rectangular opening; circular opening; depth of beams

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