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Finite Element Modelling of Strengthened Simple Beams using FRP Techniques: A parametric Study

F. A. Fathelbab, M. S. Ramadan, A. Al-Tantawy


The main objective of this paper is to study analytically the strengthening of a simple
reinforced concrete beams due to excessive uniform loads in flexure, shear and a
combination of flexure and shear, using externally bonded FRP sheets technique. A
commercial finite element computer program ANSYS has been used to perform a structural
linear and non-linear analysis for several models using several schemes of FRP sheets. A
parametric study has been performed for a lot of strengthened beams. FE models studies a
main parameter of different schemes of FRP sheets in flexure, shear and combination
flexure/shear. Comparing the results with a control beam model – simple reinforced
concrete beam without strengthening – it is obvious that all strengthened beams have a
greater ultimate capacity than the control beam and noticeable enhancement in member
ductility. The increasing level differs as a result of the strengthening scheme. The
strengthened beam in both flexure and shear gives a higher ultimate load capacity, delay the
failure and prevent debonding failure up to a level at which debonding occurs in both
longitudinal and wrapped jackets CFRP sheets.


r.c. beam; strengthening; FRP; CFRP; FE; ANSYS; and modelling

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