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Air Permeability of Hardener-Free Epoxy-Modified Mortars Using NDT

Aamer rafique bhutta


The purpose of this study is to investigate the airpermeability of hardener-free epoxy-modified mortars by applyinga non destructive testing method developed by RILEM Technical Committee 189-NEC. Considering intelligent patch materials for the repair work of deteriorated reinforced concrete structures, hardener-free epoxy-modified mortars using a bisphenol A-type epoxy resin without any hardener are prepared with various polymer-cement ratios, and tested for moisture content, air permeability and strength. As a result, although there is no significant strength improvement, the coefficient of air permeability of the hardener-free epoxy-modified mortars is markedly decreased with an increase in the polymer-cement ratio.


epoxy-modified mortar; air permeability; hardener-free epoxy resin; polymercement ratio; strength

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