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Shear Strengthening of Self-Compacting Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams With External Bonded Layers

Khaled M. Heiza, N N Meleka, N Y Elwkad


Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is a stable and highly flowable concrete. In this study, a new shear strengthening technique for reinforced self-compacting concrete (RSCC) deep beams was suggested and compared with some traditional techniques. An experimental test program consists of sixteen specimens of RSCC deep beams strengthened by different materials such as steel, glass and carbon fiber reinforced polymers (GFRP and CFRP) was executed. Externally bonded layers (EBL) and near surface mounted reinforcement (NSMR) were used as two different techniques. The effects of the new technique which depends on using intertwined roving NSM GFRP rods saturated with epoxy were compared with the other models. The new technique for shear strengthening increases the load capacity from 36% to 55% depending on the anchorage length of GFRP rods. Two dimensional nonlinear isoperimetric degenerated layered finite elements (FE) analysis was used to represent the SCC, reinforcement and strengthening layers of the tested models. The analytical results have been very close to the experimental results.    


deep beams; self-compacting concrete; near surface mounted; external bonded layers

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