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Effect of Admixture on the Compressive Strength of Composite Cement Mortar

Suresh Kumar Agarwal, Vivek Sood, Ajay Dwivedi


The effect of superplasticizer on the development of composite cement based on flyash/limestone powder as per EN-197-2000 has been studied. Various mixes of fly ash and limestone up to 40% has been blended. The results have been compared with clinker of 43 grade ordinary portland cement used in the present study. 1 day strength of mixes with 5% and 10% limestone powder has been found to be is comparable to control. Further, it has been found that 28 days strength of mix with 15% lime stone powder and 25% fly ash gives more than 32.5 R required for composite cement. With the use of superplasticizer, strength has been found comparable or more in all the mixes at 1day to 43 grade OPC. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis of various mixes at different hydration times has also been evaluated.



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