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Axial compression behaviour of concrete-filled auxetic tubular short columns

Kemal Solak, Süleyman Nazif Orhan

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Concrete-filled steel columns (CFSCs) are of great interest in the literature as they are capable of carrying higher loads by combining the exceptional qualities of steel and concrete. With auxetic materials being introduced to civil engineering applications, the influence of these materials on CFSCs remains a matter of curiosity. The current study implements a nonlinear finite element analysis to evaluate the performance of circular CFSCs with six auxetic tubes under axial compression and the proposed numerical model was validated using published experimental data. The effect of the auxetic steel tube’s porosity and Poisson’s ratio on CFSCs was examined parametrically in terms of ultimate strength using the confined concrete model. Moreover, the stress distributions of the concrete and the auxetic steel tubes were also thoroughly examined. Based on the findings of the analysis, the ultimate load of CFSCs, utilising auxetic tubes with the same density and porosity but different Poisson’s ratio, increased proportionally with the increase of auxetic behaviour. When it comes to auxetic tubes with different densities and porosities, the influence of the Poisson’s ratio of the tubes diminished and the stiffness of tubes became more dominant over the mechanical characteristics of columns as the density of the auxetic steel tubes increased or decreased. The stiffness of the auxetic tubes reduced as porosity increased, as did the ultimate load of the columns. Additionally, the ultimate loads of the auxetic steel tube columns are found to be lower than those of bare steel tube columns filled with concrete due to perforations.


concrete-filled steel columns; auxetic tube; confined concrete model; axial load; numerical analysis

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