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Optimization of cylindrical wall domes via metaheuristic algorithms

Aylin Ece Kayabekir



Optimization is a widely used phenomenon in various problems and fields. Because time and resources are very limited in today's world, it can be said that the usage area of the optimization process will be expanded and spread in all areas of life. Although different methods are used in the realization of the optimization process, the performance of metaheuristic algorithms in solving problems has led to an increase in research on these methods. As in other fields, the application examples of these algorithms are diversifying and increasing in the field of structural engineering. In this study, the performance comparison of five different algorithms for the optimum design of an axisymmetric cylindrical wall with a dome is investigated. These algorithms are Jaya (JA), Flower pollination (FPA), teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO) algorithms and two hybrid versions of these algorithms. ACI 318 regulation was used in reinforced concrete design with a flexibility method-based approach in the analyses. In the analyzes with five different situations of the wall height, some statistical values , and data of analysis numbers were obtained by running the algorithms a large number of times. According to the analysis results, Jaya algorithm is slightly better in terms of the speed of reaching the optimum result, but also all algorithms are quite effective and reliable in solving the problem.


metaheuristic algorithms; hybrid algorithm; Flower pollination; teaching-learning based optimization; cylindrical walls; reinforced concrete design

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