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Behavior and Analysis of Cracked Self-Compacted Reinforced Concrete Beams

Khaled Mohamed Heiza, A. T. Attwa, Y. B. Shaheen


The objectives of this paper are to compare between the fracture parameters of self compacting concrete (SCC) and normal vibrating concrete (NVC). The fracture behavior of both the plain and reinforced concrete beam specimens under three point bending (3PB) was investigated. It was found that the values of fracture toughness in reinforced concrete beams increased with increasing the notch – depth ratio, increasing the area of steel bars in cross section and with using dolomite as coarse aggregate in the mix. The self compacting concrete beams exhibit good fracture toughness than those of normal concrete at all the used variables. A model of Hillerborg was used to predict the fracture toughness of notched concrete beams.


self compacting concrete; fracture toughness; linear & nonlinear fracture mechanics; closing stress intensity factor; crack

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