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Spinal anesthesia in a patient with Darier’s disease: A case report

Ibrahim Boga, Tuba Can

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Darier’s Disease (Darier-White Disease, keratosis follicularis) is a rare genodermatosis characterized by keratinisation defects that affects the skin, nails and mucosal membranes; it is autosomal and dominantly inherited. To the best of our knowledge, only one case has been reported regarding spinal anesthesia management in a patient suffering from Darier’s disease—this was during Cesarean section. Here, we describe a case of spinal anesthesia with standard skin preparation for inguinal hernia surgery in a Darier’s patient. Spinal anesthesia is a safe anesthesia choice when administered in lesion-free areas.


Darier’s disease; neuraxial anesthesia; spinal anesthesia

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