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Free vibration analysis of thick plates resting on Winkler elastic foundation

Korhan Özgan, Ayşe T. Daloğlu



The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of various parameters such as the aspect ratio, subgrade reaction modulus and thickness/span ratio on the frequency parameters of thick plates resting on Winkler-type elastic foundations. For this purpose, 4-noded (PBQ4) and 8-noded (PBQ8) Mindlin plate elements are adopted for the analysis using Winkler foundation model. Two different integration rules, namely the full integration (FI) and the selective reduced integration (SRI) techniques, are used to obtain stiffness matrix of plates. The results obtained in this study are compared with the results that are obtained by SAP2000 structural analysis software.


finite element method; thick plate theory; elastic foundation; Winkler model; free vibration

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